Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Getting it with the Tarot

Tarot cards give clues as to how things MAY work out, what to watch for, and what the general direction is for where your life may be heading. They are warnings and indicators, and you can use that information to change how you move thru current situations. I rarely have full readings done by others for me anymore. I like to get them done, but only when there is a pressing need. On Sunday, a friend of mine did a card reading for me. We were taking a break from fishing, and he offered to do a reading. I'd been after him for a few years to do this, but he lives quite far from me, and I don't see him very often.

Kenny reads the traditional Celtic cross spread, which consists of ten cards. he then lays down clarifying cards on those. After that, he did another ten card spread, using my original significator and a couple of other cards as the base.
Generally, my readings are pretty hopeful affairs, with some of the "nicer" major arcana cards, an Ace or two, and usually indicating times of renewal and strength ahead. Not so with this reading. I can't say that I'm too surprised. With all the medical crap happening with me and members of my immediate family, I expected some of the more serious cards to come up. Although, as sometimes happens in readings, the things you think you want to know about aren't what you need to be looking at. for instance, this reading really wasn't about health issues at all.

My reading featured Queen of Cups (my significator card), Pages crossing me (messsengers-I wonder who/what that will be?), a woman- the Queen of Swords that will shake things up, the Tower in my immediate past, and the Nine of Swords(Grief) in my immediate future.

After that, there will be a trip that is borne of necessity, not pleasure. Money will be extremely tight, although I have been told that we won't lose the house (WTF? We pay all our bills every month and aren't behind at all).
One card I never have in a reading is the Chariot. This came up twice, in the same position-the Outcome. This means that depending on which path I choose, I can greatly affect the outcome of the entire situation. The other card that came up in the Outcome position was the Fool. I will have to go forward with my "decision", about my situation (whatever is coming?) and trust that I'm right, even though others may not agree. There were two good cards that came up, both in the Friends and community position. The World and the Three of Cups, both showing incredible support from my friends. I know how lucky I am in that respect. I have amazing friends and community support! Good to know this won't change!

So, what does this mean to me?
~Well, I need to really start walking my talk with my self-care. I'm on the right path treating my Multiple Sclerosis naturally and holistically. I just need to keep on doing it. So many times, I start a protocol only to have it lapse in a few days.

~I also need to TRUST that the Goddess will take me where I need to go in my life. I have a bit of a conditional relationship with the Lady. It's been working so far, but apparently won't be tolerated anymore. I need to stop all pretense, and just give it all up to Her. Can you say FEAR?! Ack!!!! I thought I was doing pretty well with this, but I guess not. Living one day at a time is the way to go. Let go of preconceived notions about what I need/want, and just see where things go. I really suck at that. I need goals and plans, or I just feel like I'm drifting.

and as to what I physically can do?
~I think I'll do a Transformation & Pattern Release Ritual at the fire pit, to let go of those ideas I have about the way things should be. Not that I really want to. Things like my health, our home(and how that will eventually be remodeled), my Priestess work (which needs to be done a whole lot more often), and my place in my little corner of world.
~I can take my vitamins and eat more healthily every day. This has always been so challenging for me.
~I need to get back to my daily/weekly spiritual practices. I haven't been doing this in soooo long! I also need to get back to doing observances of the Moons, and seasonal things a bit more than I currently am.....

I think that's enough for now! I get tired just thinking about it. I'm hoping that these things will sustain me during the tough times ahead. I'm counting on it!
If I play my cards right(literally), I can influence the outcome layed out by the reading. I hope so