Saturday, February 10, 2007

Talking Turkey

Here a photo of the guys that visit my feeders for corn several times a week.
They are part of a flock of turkeys that congregate together in our neighborhood every winter.
We haven't seen too much of the birds so far this year. Until we had our recent snow, they stayed mostly in the woods, where they were still able to find acorns and other foods. This year has been very mild, without much snow at all here. Usually, by February, I have about 25-30 turkeys at my feeders for corn every day. When the snow is very deep, they can't scratch down thru it to get to their food.

There are many cultural references to turkeys that are less than flattering. However, if you really examine the wild turkey, as opposed to the overbred domesticated birds, you'll find a wiley bird with beautiful plumage. They actually can fly for short distances, and it always startles me to see them roosting in trees. Turkeys can also run really fast, although it does look slightly silly. They are native to North America.

Turkey, as a being, has been respected in many earth traditions, and are part of the mythological stories of the Native Americans, Aztecs and Mayans. Turkey is signified by the aspect of shared blessings and the harvest. Hen turkeys will share a nest in which they lay their eggs. They take turns sitting, ensuring a larger,more successful brood. turkeys frind strength in numbers. The turkey is also associated with wisdom and growth. This is because of the mainstay of their forest diet, acorns. Acorns are symbols of new growth and hidden wisdom.

If a turkey (or a turkey feather) turns up in your life, you may want to look at the blessings in your life that are shared with others. You should be aware of opportunities for new growth that will come your way!
If you ever see a turkey fanning his feathers in the sun, you will be amazed by brilliant red, green and brown colors! Beauty in the most ungainly of creatures!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Element of Fire

When I got up this morning, the outside temp was a balmy 10 degrees. The inside temp was about 58. Both have since increased slightly. I found myself looking at the calendar, trying to figure out how long it will be until I can go lay on the dock, and bake in the sun. It's going to be a long time. I just haven't been able to get warm for the last two days, no matter how many sweaters I have on. I think this is a function of having Fibromyalgia and CFS. The winter season has gone from being a time of joy for me, to one of just wanting it to be over. But, I digress.

Since I have been so cold, I choose to focus on the element of Fire, and it's corresponding direction, South. While we all know that the Sun is hottest in a south-facing window, there are some surprising correlations of this element. While the power of a full-fledged fire can be devastating, fire can also be healing when it's managed. Scrying into a campfire, or even a candle flame is one of my favorite form of short meditations. I am a complete nut when it comes to campfires and bonfires. Not that I would ever have a fire outside of a proper container-not that kind of nut! I just find it so beautiful, and useful. I like the freedom I feel when I toss old writings and spells, such as from my Spirit jar, onto the flames. It's cleansing and a completion of the work that I had done. One of the reasons I like to go camping so much is because I get to play with fire all weekend. I have a knickname for these excursions: Woman who F%$*s with Fire. Cute, huh? I just can't help myself.
Other realms of Fire are sex, love, and transformation.

Here are some correspondences for the element of Fire:
  • Magickal tool: knife/athame
  • Herbs: chilies, thistle, nettles(thorny things), coffee, dragon's blood, hot spices
  • Stones: Carnelian, lava rock, jaspers, clear quartz
  • Animals: salamander, snake, scorpions, lady bugs, shark
  • Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo (that's me!)
  • Oils: Basil, copal, neroli, pettigrain, peppermint

There are so many aspects of Fire in the natural world. This list is by no means complete. One of my favorite kinds of spellwork is candle magick. I find it so effective! Stay tuned for more on that subject!

Monday, February 5, 2007

New Stuff!

I was delayed posting today due to another round of frozen pipes at my house this morning! This time the water main pressure switch was frozen, or so the plumber said. We had water when I got home from Vermont this morning, but only for an hour or so. Called the local plumbers and they were out here in about an hour! Love those guys! So, they got us going again, and now I can relax and regroup, not worry about possible broken pipes. Whew!

I want to tell you about a few new things in my shop! I have posted a couple more crystals, such as Lepidolite and a lovely enhydro Herkimer Diamond. I also have a new organic herbal loose tea sampler available. This pack has four of my most popular teas in it, so you can try them before you commit to a larger bag of any one kind of tea. Each packet makes about ten cups of tea. In a few days, I will be listing my new Drifting Away tea! This is my evening/bedtime relaxation blend. Of course, it's 100% organic, like everything else I make!
You're going to love it!