Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer is here!

Summer is here, and in our house that means one thing~ Little Miss Midnight gets her annual shave! She is a little, tiny cat (6.2lbs) with allot of long fur. She doesn't groom much and will run at the sight of a brush. Someone, somewhere, hurt her with one before I ever got her from the rescue nine years ago. Anyway, I just thought you'd like to see her new "do".

Just to be fair,I thought that I would share a picture of my other kid, Snowball, my obsessive kitty. If she's not on me at all times, then life just sucks and she'll tell you all about it! She also snores~loudly!

They are two very "special" kitties, but I can't imagine life here without them!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Solstice blessings to you today!
It's a beautiful, sunny day here at the lake! A perfect day for honoring the Summer Solstice!

One of the ways I like to celebrate the Solstice is to re-do my altar with all manner of gold, red and yellow items. I also try to make a little wreath or paper sun, or some sort of item representing the solar disc to hang. After this is charged, I might take it outside and hang it up in a tree in the woods behind my house. You can even use a Celtic equal-armed cross symbol. Adding real sunflowers to the altar is especially nice!
Some of the natural correspondences for the Summer Solstice are:
  • Plants~ Roses, jasmine, hibiscus and tropical flowering plants
  • Animals~ Jaguar, doves, peahens
  • Minerals~ Malachite, emeralds, sapphires, turquoise, amazonite

This is a wonderful day to do healing work and rituals. This is the longest day of the year, so you may find it easier to bring illumination to those issues you would like to address. If it isn't raining later (forecasted), I think that I will also have a small fire in the firepit in the back yard. I might do some scrying in the fire, my preferred method of scrying. I've never been able to do it with mirrors or water.

Have a wonderful Solstice wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coffee Altar

Some of you already know this, by my beverage of choice is Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!
My husband is more addicted than I am. We buy whole freshly roasted beans from Dean's Beans, right here in our little town. After almost eight years together, and being the proper Pagans that we are, we've ended up with a Coffee altar on our fridge, dedicated to the Great Good Goddess, Caffeina. It consists of labels from some great coffee we have been gifted with over the years. It's got bumper stickers and and magnets, and all manner of things. It's actually more extensive now than when this pic was taken, but you can get the general idea.

I just thought that I would share this this weird little part of my home with you. :0)