Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flowers for My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday today with a visit to a place in S. Newfane,Vermont called Olallie DayLily Farm. It's the kind of place where the grass has no biting ants, the dirt is cool, and I can actually walk barefoot. This is a big deal to me because I almost never go barefoot anymore. Too many years of issues with my feet have left me uncomfortable exposing my tender toes. Not so at the Daylily farm. I was able to get REALLY grounded and centered, as I walked thru the grassy aisles.

The eye candy here is incredible. The family that runs this farm hybridizes their own lilies. They maintain their own test gardens, too. I signed up to be notified when a beautiful pale lemony stunner will be available~ in 1 or 2 years! i will wait, it's worth it! Oh, and I picked a pint of delicious organic blueberries while I was there. Yum!!!I wanted to share the photos from the farm with you.

After we got done there, we went into Brattleboro for double shot iced lattes at Mocha Joes, then to dinner in Turners Falls at this fabulous Italian ristorante'. I had a four-course meal there to rival any big-city place. The sauteed seasonal veggies on a bed of risotto with Gorgonzola was sublime!Dessert was a gluten-free flourless bittersweet chocolate mousse bomb. A brandy later, and I was feeling very...spoiled!