Friday, July 25, 2008

New Celestial Magnets in my shop!

This is not your average magnet set! This would make a great gift! In misty tones of teal, purple, and pinky-red, the celestial symbols of the Sun, Moon, and a Star shine. These jumbo 1.25" glass gems and the metal tin have been hand-colored using alcohol inks, then rubber stamped. The designs for the magnets were rubber stamped on paper and adhered using sparkle glue. the back of the magnet is sealed iwth sparkle adhesive so even that is pretty when turned over. I then sealed everything with several coats of sealer.

The tin is all wrapped up in coordinating fibers, ready for gift giving! This would make the perfect gift for your hostess, a housewarming or birthday!

I left the interior of the tin uncoated so it can be used for any manner of things after you take out the magnets.

The magnets are super strong neodymium, and will hold 6-7 pieces of paper.
You can find this set for sale at my Etsy shop, Avalon Adornments.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winners of EAST's Gypsy Design Challenge!

The Gypsy Design challenge voting has ended and we have winners!
Thank you to everyone who voted!

Figgy, of FromtheFigTree won with her beautiful Gypsy skirt


Liz, of LizStaley, came in second place with her adorable Anime plushie

And Dismissie came in third with her Gypsy wagon

Everyone who participated was so creative, I'm just blown away! Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tonka Beans for Magick and Money Draw

I now have Tonka Beans for sale in my shop!
Also known as Coumaria Nut and Lucky Bean, Tonka has a long history of use in both the perfume industry, and for it's associations with Luck, Money, and Love.
Tonka beans have a vanilla-like scent when tinctured, and are sometimes used as an ingredient in fragrances.

To use for magickal purposes, they are carried in your pocket, placed in a sachet, or used in spells for to draw money to you. If I'm doing a prosperity spell designed specifically for money, and not just general abundance, I'll always have a few tonka beans on my altar.
It is not recommended to burn tonka beans, which is why I don't include them in my incense formulas.