Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!

I can't tell you how relieved I am that Spring has finally sprung! The vernal equinox is here! Not only does this day have equal hours of light and dark, but the moon is waxing again, having gone dark on the 18th. A fine day for crafting new hopes and setting things in motion!

Some of the more traditional things to do today would be to bless seeds that you will be planting later, and to color eggs. Even if you can't plant anything outside for awhile yet, blessing the seeds today will help the growth cycle to begin. You add potential to those seeds, and by doing so will have a stronger bond with the plants. We just got a foot of snow, and will probably get more in the next few weeks, but I will still be blessing plants and seeds today. Not only does it help my garden, it really helps me feel better! I'm so ready to Winter to be over, and doing these little rituals helps me focus ahead, and get out of the doldrums.

Dyeing eggs is an ancient tradition, practiced long before there were "Easter" eggs.Here are some natural dyes you can use to get beautiful colors. Just boil the material, to desired color strength, with your eggs:

  • Orange~ Onion skins, one for a soft shade, many for a rusty color
  • Pink~ Beet juice and vinegar, or pickled beet juice
  • Light Blue~ vinegar and the outer leaves of red cabbage, then let cool overnight.
  • Yellow~ Add tumeric to color the eggs a bright yellow

I also like to use this time of year to make a collage of hopes & dreams, for prosperity & abundance, or for anything that you want to see grow! Magickal collage-making is one of my favorite forms of ritual. Here's a link to a post I did about making a magickal collage, in case you missed it: http://summerseaherbs.blogspot.com/2007/01/making-collage-for-abundance.html

Well, I need to get outside in the sun now! Let me know what you will be doing to mark today's Equinox?

Blessings, tracyw

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring is almost here!

OK, take two: I tried to post this earlier, but it all went away when I hit "publish". sigh. There are days that technology and I don't get along!

I have been laying low due to some bug that I came down with over the weekend. I spent most of the weekend in my recliner or in bed. This thing feels like having a hangover, but without having had any of the fun. Not fair! I missed my best friends' annual Irish celebration, too. I did get to watch Harry potter again, but I would rather be feeling well.
Since I was supposed to go to the N.E.flower show in Boston today, but can't, I thought that I would post some more of my spring flower photos for you.
I'll be going on Wed instead, when I'm feeling better. I didn't think I could deal with the drive or the crowds today.
I hope you enjoy the photos!