Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring is almost here!

OK, take two: I tried to post this earlier, but it all went away when I hit "publish". sigh. There are days that technology and I don't get along!

I have been laying low due to some bug that I came down with over the weekend. I spent most of the weekend in my recliner or in bed. This thing feels like having a hangover, but without having had any of the fun. Not fair! I missed my best friends' annual Irish celebration, too. I did get to watch Harry potter again, but I would rather be feeling well.
Since I was supposed to go to the N.E.flower show in Boston today, but can't, I thought that I would post some more of my spring flower photos for you.
I'll be going on Wed instead, when I'm feeling better. I didn't think I could deal with the drive or the crowds today.
I hope you enjoy the photos!

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