Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Having A Sale!!!!

I'm having a sale in both of my Etsy shops!

Take 10% off everything in AvalonAdornments,

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Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hancock Shaker Village Day Trip

Last weekend, I visited Hancock Shaker Village, in the Berkshire Mountains. It's a museum , but was an actual Shaker Village Homestead until the 1950's when it was sold to a group of trustees for preservation. The most stunning feature of the campus is the round stone barn! It's amazing, inside and out!

I also enjoyed the huge medicinal herb garden and the cut flower garden. The Shakers were very well-known for their herbal knowledge.
I also found out that the Shakers really embraced new technologies. At the village, they kept several cars, and always traded them in every two years or so. This way, they had the latest automotive innovations. They also built a water turbine for their laundry system.

It was a really nice day, spent exploring the village, and learning about this amazing local culture. If you ever get to New England, it's worth a trip!