Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tonka Beans for Magick and Money Draw

I now have Tonka Beans for sale in my shop!
Also known as Coumaria Nut and Lucky Bean, Tonka has a long history of use in both the perfume industry, and for it's associations with Luck, Money, and Love.
Tonka beans have a vanilla-like scent when tinctured, and are sometimes used as an ingredient in fragrances.

To use for magickal purposes, they are carried in your pocket, placed in a sachet, or used in spells for to draw money to you. If I'm doing a prosperity spell designed specifically for money, and not just general abundance, I'll always have a few tonka beans on my altar.
It is not recommended to burn tonka beans, which is why I don't include them in my incense formulas.

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Nebulamystic, Designer Alter-Ego said...

These smell amazing...many times used in perfumes although they are poisonous to eat. Your blog is fantastic I am adding you to my favorites list and following you onward!! So happy to read a great blog with refreshing fun information!!