Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Flower Essences

One of the turning points in my life, as an herbalist, came the day I made my first flower essence. It was in the Summer and the Lady's Mantle was in full flower. I was at one of my herbal apprenticeship class weekends. Keep in mind that this was over a decade ago! I was having my heart and mind opened with all kinds of new ideas about the ways of healing spirits.
Making that essence awakened within me a link to my intuitive side, as a healer.

And that is what flower essences are~ imbibing water with the healing spirit of a plant. This can be done using both solar and lunar influences. For making flower essences, I prefer using the Sun, but for making gem elixirs, I like to use the Moonlight (but that is another post altogether).

I have made dozens of individual flower essences with flowers from my garden, and those from other gardens around Massachusetts. I have formulated blends for various problems. you can find all of my currently available blends on my website, in the Flower Essence section.
The solarized essence contains the vibrational patterns of flowers. These patterns help to heal imbalances in your body's energy systems on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Essences are catalysts for healing, helping you to be able to experience shifts in patterns of behavior, the way you view yourself and your place in the world, as well as very real physical changes. Most essences engage the healing process in subtle, yet ultimately profound ways. Some essences are formulated for very quick action, such as dealing with an emergency or panic.

To use an essence, you just take two or three drops under the tongue, in a beverage, directly on your skin, or in a bath. While a couple of drops may not seem like much, keep in mind that the vibrational patterns of the flowers and crystals will spread out as on a grid, to fill any container including your body! Essences may be used in conjunction with other healing modalities. There are no side effects or contra-indications, nor can they be neutralized by other substances. It is not possible to over-dose on an essence. Usually, an essence is taken for at least one month, then the healing process is assessed and adjustments in the formula are made, if necessary. Store your essences out of the light, and away from essential or fragrance oils.

Private consultations for flower essence and gem elixir blends are available in person, by phone or email. We would talk about the healing work that you want to do, and then I will make a custom essence for you. Most consultations take about an hour or less. If you are interested in a custom blend, just send me an email!

For alcohol-sensitive people: Although flower essence blends are preserved in brandy and spring water, the essence is used in a diluted state. Dilution of two to four drops in a large glass or water or water bottle, will yield a physiologically insignificant amount of alcohol, about 1:4,800 parts in 8 ounces.

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