Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gearing up!

With the new Spring energy in the air, I seem to finally be shaking off the Winter's doldrums. I've been having a hard time getting myself organized, and moving forward with ideas. sigh. But I seem to have gotten some wind in my sails, and am feeling refreshed! I'm hopeful now about getting some things done, both personal and professional, that have been sitting on the back burner for quite awhile.

I have been working on some new products to bring to market, and the end is in sight. I have a couple of new teas, some nice herbal pillows, a lot more flower essences, and some bath products. Of course, making all of these things is something I love to do! However, it's all the administrative stuff that goes with putting a new product out there that always seems to slow me down! Each new product has to have the proper packaging, the labels designed and printed, decent photos taken and edited, and the descriptions written. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Wish I could just wave my magic wand over the lot of it and have it be done! LOL!

I'm also going to be finally getting back to doing some crafting again.
I'm looking forward to playing with polymer clay for the first time, and also stretching my wings a bit with some more multi-media collage art projects.
I'll post some things here as I get them done.

So, what has Spring sprung free in you?

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Katie said...

I'm knee deep in gardening, with my Etsy shop on the back burner for now. But, that's the norm for me this time of year. :)