Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cape Cod Vacation , part 1

I went to Truro, MA on Cape Cod last week for quick escape for a few days to recharge my soul batteries. The beach always helps me to unwind. The Cape is one of my favorite places in New England! It takes me about four hours to drive there, but worth it every time! As you know I love to take pictures, and had so much fun prowling around for new ones! The first day there, I went to the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary with some friends. We walked the nature trails, through the pines and out to the shore. We watched the herons and osprey flying over the salt marsh. It was just beautiful! Here's some pics from that little adventure.
Tomorrow ~P-Town !


CD said...

Wow- it all looks wonderful. I've never been to the Cape :) what are those odd red berry things?

Tracyw. said...

The red berries are actually Beach Plums! The locals make a delicious jam and jelly from them. It's hard to tell in the photo, but they are each about the size of a grape.