Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 of 90 Featured Etsy Shops: Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness

I'm a bit of a nerd~ I admit it! Undernearth my hippy,dippy, herbalist exterior is a nerd who loves Star Wars, used to play D&D in college, and watches Adult Swim late at night. I like computer geek stuff, although I'm not very good at it. I no longer game anymore. OK, so I haven't gamed in over 25 years. BUT, I can get my nerd fix just by stopping by Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness on Etsy! Liz is one of my favorite people on Etsy, and a member of my EarthPath Artisans Street team.
Currently living in Greenville, NC, Liz makes cool chokers out of PC keyboard keys, crochets fabulous and sexy fingerless gloves, and makes fun buttons! She has also figured out how to make wallets out of keyboard circuitry! Now, you won't find those anywhere else! Liz is not only a Star wars fan, but caters to FireFly/Serenity fans as well. She's got a new line of buttons and magnets with fun quotes from the series.

You can also find Liz blogging about her life here.
Stop by the Realm of Nerdiness to read all the fun buttons, and indulge your inner nerd! She's currently making some new "Geek Paks" for us which will make great stocking stuffers for those geeks or gamers on your list!


Elizabeth Staley said...

*hides her face because it's turning red*

Thank you for the awesome feature. :)

plasticpumpkin said...

I love it all! Call it Nerd Chic!