Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 1 of 90 Featured Etsy Shops: Giftbearer

Cool Contemporary tribal jewelry from Etsy's Giftbearer offers something different!

Pippit Carlington has been creating art ever since she was old enough to pick up a paintbrush.
She works in several mediums;including acrylics, watercolor, drawing, clay sculpture, and jewelry. A multicultural influence is evident in her work reflecting a diverse heritage of Iroquois Indian, Hawaiian, Russian Jewish, and French Canadian. She is strongly influenced by nature, political and social issues, and uses her art to educate the public.

Putting her money where her mouth is, Pippit has mentored artists with mental illness in a psychosocial rehabilitation program she developed called Artvision. Artists in the program received help and guidance in learning all aspects of how to run an art-based business. This prepared them to earn money using a talent they already have.
You can find Pippit's blog here:


mommyandmeboutique said...

Beautiful jewelry and great feature!

Giftbearer said...

Thanks for the nice feature! And thanks for the compliments!