Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Books about Working with Crystals & Stones

Since yesterday, I have had my head in my reference books about the metaphysical properties of crystals and stones. I thought that I would share with you some of the books that I use regularly. This is by no means a complete list for you, but I like these particular books and thought you might want to check them out!

  • Love is in the Earth by Melody. Actually, any book by Melody is worth having in your collection. This book is considered the bible on the metaphysics of stones. There are two supplements to this volume that are also available. Her other book, The Laying on of Stones is also indispensable.
  • Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham. This is my favorite book on the subject! At 250 pages, there's so much information. There are chapters on cleansing stones, and using them for divination, spellwork, and healing. There are six tables, including ones about planetary and elemental correspondences, as well as a handy substitution chart. This is not a technical book and doesn't have information about every type of stone, or how individual stones are structured. It does, however, cover over 100 stones and metals.
  • The Book of Stones & Metals by Maya Heath. This is an interesting volume that covers most aspects of the metaphysics of working with stones and metals. It's very in-depth, and a good read if you have some practical experience already. There are very interesting chapters on making talismans, jewelry and other objects. there is some very good information on the individual stones and the families of stones, broken down by colors. I turn to this book often, but have adapted some of her information to align with my own beliefs more comfortably.
  • Sacred Stones of the Goddess by Galen Gillotte. This book was a most pleasant surprise! I first saw this when I working in a pagan shop a few years ago. it had just come out and we ordered it to see what it was like. I was prepared to not be impressed. Well, I ate my words! Published in 2003, this has 35 Goddess-based spells, as well as chapters on preparation, meditation, Elemental work, invocations and working with beads. Each spell is like it's own little chapter. For each one, there are paragraphs that list the materials, the purpose, which goddess, the stone, an affirmation and meditation, a spell, the timing, the incense, candles, and some of the practical steps. The rituals are really nice and complete! I think that you will get something out of this book, no matter if you are just starting on the path, or if you are a seasoned practitioner.

These are a few books from my collection that I think will make a nice addition to any library. Do you have a favorite book on the subject?

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Katie said...

'Love is in the Earth is a favorite of mine' also. Good luck with your new extention to your Etsy shop!