Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How do you know?

Posting in this blog has led to some unforseen consequences. Because I really want to make this blog informative, as well as fun to read, I have been revisiting much of my reference library.
I have been on the the Internet checking facts and things, as well. I love this part of writing this blog! I do love to teach and this gives me the opportunity to do so, even if it's "virtually".What has happened due to all of this activity has been quite interesting!

Summer Sea Herbs has been very busy all week. Not just with orders, but with communication among customers and other Etsy sellers, too. I have been taking time to learn some new business techniques, and do some other things to move my business forward.

Since things seem to be going well, and Abundance is becoming apparent, that leads to my question:
How do you know when you're doing the "right" work?

Every time that I have tried to walk away from my path as an herbalist, the Universe directs me back, in NO uncertain terms! However, when I have been "walking my walk, and talking my talk", I am rewarded with abundance in all areas of my life. So, that's how I know I'm doing the right thing, for me.

How do YOU know that you're doing what you're "supposed" to be doing? What signs does the Universe give you?

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