Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ginger is my friend

Ginger (Singiber officinalis) has been a lifesaver for me this past week. To be more specific, ginger candy. The IV steroid treatments I'm going thru leave a really bad metallic taste in my mouth after the IV has been running for about 30 minutes. It really tastes like I have been sucking on dirty quarter coins. Blehh! This has generally lasted about 24 hours, or just in time for my next treatment. I have found that citrus flavored things like juice and Starburst brand jelly beans help for a few minutes, but didn't do much for my stomach. Because I've been pretty out of it in general, I asked around a bit if anyone knew what might help. I should've thought of it myself because I use ginger in my tea formulas, but it never occurred to me to use it for this.
My friend, Kate, at TeaNoir, suggested the ginger and she was so right! it really helps the taste and the nausea I've been having immediately after the treatments. I'm sure that these would also help for anyone undergoing chemo treatments.

Kate said that ginger Altoids were really effective. Well, I couldn't find those, but I did get some ginger candy by these folks, GingerPeople. I liked these because they are individually wrapped so I can pop them into my purse. Of course, you could also get some bulk crystallized ginger at your local healthy grocer.

In my Throat & Cough Soother Organic Tea, I use powdered ginger as a circulatory stimulant and expectorant. It's good for cutting chills in the body if eaten in a meal, or taken as a tea when you are sick. Ginger oil or a poultice is also good to use in topical applications for rheumatic aches and pains. When massaged into the body, it brings blood to the area and increases circulation.

I think that I will have to take another look into cooking with fresh ginger root. I'm one of those people who always buy a piece of ginger, and then it sits in the back of my veggie bin in the fridge until it shrivels into nothing.
I haven't been able to think about eating anything fishy since I started the steroids. Once I get done with these treatments, I'm thinking shrimp, ginger and snow peas! I also found a recipe for Ginger and oatmeal muffins. Yum! If you have a good recipe with ginger, I'd love to see it! Post it in the comments!


CD said...

Ginger tastes very good with fresh shrimp :) If your stomach can take it, coconut slivers as well- mmm, mmmm!

I hope you get well soon. [hugs]

-CD Steele

Xiane said...

Garland of Eclectic Circle gave me a great idea for a ginger drink, as I often suffer from nausea, too. She chops or grates fresh ginger and simmers it in a small pot of water until it seems strong, then adds this concentrate, a teaspoonful at a time, to a bottle of water. The taste is mild and the water works *wonders* for my nausea when I can't eat anything.

Ginger is good stuff, especially once you get the taste for it!

I've been thinking about you, my friend. :)