Sunday, April 15, 2007

Witches' Almanac

What if you could find a book, an almanac, that contained this year's planetary aspects, climatological info and planting times, moon phases, stories and lore about the natural world, and a list of all the special days that a witch might need to be aware of? This might be a real find, right?
Well, now you can!

The Witches' Almanac has been in production since 1971. I have been buying this annually since 1998. The yearly editions span from Spring Equinox to Spring Equinox, and generally become available during the preceding Winter.
Every year there is a different focus or theme. Last year, the focus was on the element of Air. This year, it is about Water.

From the website,
"The 2007-2008 edition celebrates the element of Water. Its theme embraces the magic of Sacred Wells and Charms for Neptune’s Favors. We explore the water rites of Fiji, the tarot’s Death card, seashell charms, gypsies, freemasonry and much more. This issue also proudly boasts an interview with the late Elizabeth Pepper, founder of the Witches’ Almanac. Arcane symbols and intriguing graphic images are always a part of every issue."

I really like the astrological work in the Almanac. Each sign has an in depth look at when different planets and aspects will enter your sign, and then there are sections for each aspect of your life, including health, finance, spirituality, and love. This covers 2 full pages for each sign. There is also a handy list of the retrograde planetary motions, and what they may mean for you. For example, the next Mercury retrograde cycle is from June 16- July 10th.

Other articles in this year's Almanac include "Wine & Ritual Libation" with a recipe for Witches Sangria! There's a nice meditation on the spirals of a Nautilus, as well as the sacred geometry of a Nautilus shell. There are many other pages of interest relating to magick and lore, both fun and useful.
You can usually find the Witches' Almanac for sale at your local pagan or new Age shop, or you can order it directly from their website, listed above. This is a reference work I keep in my magickal toolbox every year. I find it helpful, and I love the beautiful & unusual graphics in every issue. I think you'll like it, too!

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