Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Catnip & You

Today I have to take Snowball, my neurotic feline wonder, to the Vet for a rabies shot and check-up. This got me thinking about the favorite feline drug of choice, Catnip. I thought that you might be interested in the other things this herb is used for in traditional folk herbalism.

Besides being the ultimate cat toy, Catnip has been traditionally used as a mild sedative and included in bedtime tea blends. It's nice and gentle, rather than knocking you out like some herbs, such as valerian. You would just add it to a relaxing tea blend or brew a cup, just like you would tea. It's specific for colicky infants. Catnip can also help with respiratory issues associated with the cold and flu. It's especially useful for children.

Of course, the Egyptians honored the feline forms of the Egyptian goddesses Bast and of Sekmet, who manifests as a lion. You can use Catnip to help create a psychic bond with your cat and honor that ancient spirit in them.

So, I'm off to catch Snowball and put her in the carrier. Now, how much fun can you have in one morning? I think I need more coffee!

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