Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Thoughts for a new year

OK, so it's 2007 already! Wow, how did it happen so fast?
If we did a recap of all the stuff- great and not-so-great, that happened this year, what stands out the most for you? Was it job-related?Family?Spiritual?Personal?

For me, it seems that there were a few things that stood out-most were really good, too!
I guess that one of the best things, career-wise, is that i really got Summer Sea Herbs off the ground. Thank goddess for Etsy! That site makes it easy and it's such a refreshing change from Feebay. It's been kind of hard, but interesting, to have a shop on the Web. All the decisions, and all the hours! What to do next and what can wait for now? how to plan for what I will need to do, and still get busy doing it! Some days i don't know what to do next- go make a batch of tea, work on the computer, go for a walk to clear my head, or any of the other one hundred things! Still, I love it and am looking forward to building my business throughout this coming year! I also learned something very important- I really need to do this work! this herbal work! Every time I try to do something else, it becomes apparent that I really shouldn't! good to know/accept~finally. Now I can concentrate on my own business.
As the saying goes " It's not just a job, it's an adventure!"

One of the things I like to do is teach people about what I do~herbalism, magick, gardening and some other things. I hope to post about different herbs, magickal items, how-to's, and who knows what else. I'll have to see how this evolves. I've never blogged before! Still it seems like it will be fun! I'm looking forward to learning about it. hope you'll come along for the ride.
any thoughts on 2007?

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Anonymous said...

Tracy, this all looks great! I wish you wonderful success with your blog, your website and your business! Lynn