Thursday, February 1, 2007

Making a Spirit Box

Making a Spirit box or jar is a great way to have some fun and make a useful magickal item. A Spirit box is a place for you to put your problems and fears, to give them up to the Goddess, God, Universe, or however you refer to your higher power. If you have a problem that you can't solve or a fear that is holding you back, write it out on paper, fold it or tear it up, and put it into the jar, and put the lid back on. You are giving this problem to your higher power to deal with, for the best possible outcome. For this to work, you really have to trust your higher power. Do you?Really? I have found that putting my problems into the Spirit jar to be quite freeing. It also serves to help me keep the faith, as it were. The photo is of my own Spirit jar.

This really doesn't take a long time to do! This is a fun craft to do with a friend.
To make a Spirit box, get any box with a separate lid. It can be as large or as small as you like. You just need to make sure that it can hold several pieces of torn or folded paper at a time.You can also do this with a jar. You should decorate the box, but feel free to use any/all materials you wish. It can be simple or quite elaborate. If I'm using a paper box, I decorate both the inside and the outside. To do a jar, I just do the outside. I use paint, rubber stamps, glitter (always glitter!), cut out pictures from magazines, printed tissue papers (especially for the jars). I might glue on beads, ribbons, feathers, shells, and/or acorns. There are no rules or right way to do this! The goal is to have fun, and not stress out about the results!

For adhesive, I recommend using Mod Podge. You can also use white Elmer's glue, thinned out a little. Mod Podge is nice because you can seal your work when you are done by brushing on a coat all over the box. It also comes in a sparkle version. If you want to pile on beads or other attachments, Golden Regular Gel Medium is good. You can press the beads into it and it will harden nicely. There are lots of different craft glues on the market, so you can just use your favorite. Let the whole thing dry overnight, keeping the lid separate until it's dry.

So, you've just made a Spirit box! To use, just write out your problem on paper, read it out loud, and ask your higher power for help in solving it. Put the paper in the box and put the lid back on, and forget about it! I keep my Spirit jar on my altar. It's good to occasionally clean out the box. Don't go back thru and read everything! Just dump it! I burn the contents of mine outside in the fire pit. I hope you have fun making your Spirit box! I'd love to see photos of yours when you get done!

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