Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gettin' up early

A few weeks ago, my household moved towards a new schedule. My husband is now working a 2nd shift schedule. This means staying up later and sleeping in later. Well, while I really like it when Tim works this kind of schedule, it really screws up my fishing time!
So, today I happened to wake up early. I grabbed some coffee, my fishing gear and headed down to the dock to drown some worms. I got to watch the sun come up over the trees, the bald eagle take his morning constitutional flight over the lake, and listen to all manner of birds. Gods! what have I been missing by sleeping until 9am?! I even caught a couple of nice bass! The first one was good size, but I threw him back. The second one I caught was twice the size, so I kept him for lunch! (I apologize to my vegetarian friends) This bass weighed in at about 2 pounds. I caught him on a Gary Yamamoto Worm. My local bait shop owner told me that these are what the tournament fishermen use. They really do work, too! We'll be grillin' this nice big boy up, and serving with rice pilaf and some veggies. MMMMM!!!!
I didn't get any photos from this morning, but here's some from this past Summer.
Got a fish tale to share?

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