Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Unexpected Help

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go sit down on the dock for awhile. I didn't have an agenda, I didn't take any fishing gear or the phone. I just wanted to BE, and try to sort some things out in my head. I'm still feeling effects from all the MS "stuff" that happened in March, April, and May. I'm trying to figure out how to get back on my feet, and get on with my life.

So, I thought that I would relax down by the water. Well, it was very nice outside when I walked down there. I didn't see anyone else around. I asked the elements to help clue me in on what to do next, and started with some general prayers. The answer I got came in mere moments! I closed my eyes to help clear my head. All of the sudden I felt the dock start rocking a bit more, the wind picked up and waves started coming across the surface of the lake.I opened my eyes and there were small whitecaps running up on the shore. I closed my eyes again and let the whole scene wash over me: sounds of waves, wind and birds calling. Oh, so this is what I'm supposed to be doing~ getting cleansed! This IS what I needed. Duh!

It felt like ritual was starting, so I called in the Goddesses that came to mind, one for each element(I never do this, but it just came to mind): Yemaya~water, Gaia~earth, Bridget~fire, and Diana~air. I have no idea why Diana was representing as the Eastern goddess to me, but I wasn't going to question it too much. As soon as I said Diana's name, the wind got crazy and whipped the lake even more! The dock was rocking around so much, I was afraid to stand up, so I just sat in my chair, arms and legs uncrossed. What a ride!
When I felt like I had what I needed, I thanked the Goddesses. The lake gradually returned to normal, and the wind and waves stopped.

I've done some small rituals down there before, but never had this kind of thing happen. I'm not a weather witch. I leave that to a few friends I know with that talent. But this was pretty cool and really did work. I feel a bit better. I figure that the cleansing will continue to do it's thing, as I go about my life this week.
I feel like I can breathe now. Ahhh...

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