Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meet Stubby!

Well, it's almost Summer and the signs are everywhere! Like this little sign, propped up on my front porch railing this morning. I haven't seen the robin's nest around, or any babies until today.
I'm calling him Stubby! He (just seems like a little guy) got a little stubby tail, cute little stubby wings and a little stubby call. He's got the cutest tufts of feathers sticking out from his head. Mom robin has been feeding him, and after a couple of hours on the railing, Stubby flew up into the Laurel bush next to the porch. Not the most graceful of maneuvers, to be sure! That's a much safer place for him until he can figure out how to get back to the nest, wherever that is.

Too cute, and I thought that I would share.
What signs of Summer are going on around you?

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Rain's End said...

What a sweet little bird! We haven't seen too many babies around yet. This week has been rather cool and rainy.

Our bees are out in abundance whenever the sun is out -- busily collecting their nectar and pollen.