Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bombs & Bake Sales

Normally, I won't put political stuff in my blog. I want this format to be for learning and sharing about herbs, magick and the good things in life. However, I have this stuck in my head and need to get it out. This afternoon there was a television show called "Future Weapons", on the Discovery Channel. The premise is that there is this Ex-Navy Seal guy who goes around the world to show the audience about some "cool"new and devastating weapons being produced. Now, I have little patience for the whole idea, but some of it is interesting from a technical aspect. However, when they started talking R&D costs to develop and use some of these weapons, I just got pissed! One weapon costs $2 billion to develop. Another one fires missiles that cost $40,000 each. Apparently these were used to take out a convoy of 19 tanks on the northern Iraqi border at some point. Woo-Hoo. That's $760,000 for one skirmish.

This got me thinking of that classic bumper sticker:
It'll be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.

Yes, I'm a product of the Sixties, and I still think that all the citizens of the US deserve housing, food and a decent education. Silly me!I support our soldiers, and wish them safe home, but I will never support a war. Ok, I'm done. (I will return to sweetness and light tomorrow!)

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Lynn said...

Hey, Tracy, just wanted to tell you that I'm reading your blog regularly, and love it! And regarding today's blog - as I was vigiling yesterday afternoon in the center of town as part of the Women In Black I had wondered if you knew about the group, vigiling from 1-2 every Saturday. We had 13 there yesterday...anyone reading this should look up Women In Black on the web - it's worldwide. Thanks again, Tracy, for all your great info!