Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wind is Elemental

The forecast is for a VERY windy weekend here in Massachusetts. The wind chills tonight are supposed to drive the temperature down around 16 degrees below zero! So, today, I am thinking about the wind and the element of Air. I thought that I would write about the magickal correspondences of this element and of it's cardinal direction, East.

Having several animal totems that are birds, Air is one of my favorite elements to work with. I love to work with feathers and incense, both representative of this Eastern element. East is the direction of the sunrise, which signifies new beginnings. The dawn of a new day is ripe with possibilities, no matter what happened to you yesterday. You can harness some of this energy, if you like. Spend some time, perhaps a week or a month, getting up in time to watch the sunrise everyday. You can actually see the world around you come alive with the light! I find this inspires hope within me, and that in turn, inspires new ideas and plans. Air is the home of Creativity! Some other correspondences of the East and Air are listed below. Keep in mind that this is just a partial list, and will vary among traditions, and from book to book:
  • Magickal tool is the Wand or Athame
  • Color = yellow
  • Some animals are daytime birds, eagle,wolf, deer, cats, butterflies and other winged beings
  • Plants include ash, aspen and birch trees, and clover, dandelion and wildflowers.
  • Stones are adventurine, mica, jasper, pumice
  • Tarot suit= swords
  • Instrument= flute
  • Body system= respiratory

These are just a few of the correspondences of the element of Air. Messages can come to us thru the wind. What do you hear?

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