Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Bbbrrrr... baby, it's cold outside! A balmy 8 degreess out there! It's our first really cold day, which is kind of ridiculous considering it's the middle of January. I woke up late, cranked up the pellet stove, and fed the cats. You can blame the inventor of the electric mattress pad for my late waking hour (8 a.m.). I finally crawled out from my baking bed and got my day started. The hazards of working from home. This picture is of me standing on the ice in the middle of the lake where I live, last January. This is what it should be like now.
I got thinking about the things that bring me comfort in January. I would have to include my morning coffee, my cat-kids, my family, the pellet stove, and my books. I also feel warm and comfy with something roasting in the oven, watching the birds at my feeders, or buried under blankets and cats in my recliner reading or watching TV. After freezing our butts off in this house last Winter, the pellet stove is a very welcome addition.

Even thought I know that it's just wrong for New England, I like the fact that there's no snow and that the lake where I live isn't frozen yet. I had a really hard time emotionally last year when the lake froze over. I think that part of it was that it was so cold in the house, seeing the frozen lake made it feel even colder!
I know that these aren't earth-shattering revelations, but it's what is on my mind today. what kinds of things bring you comfort, or make you uncomfortable during the Winter?

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